Hello again friends, fans and enemies. It feels good to be up and running again! As some of you may have noticed, my old homepage disappeared a few years ago. The same did all my musical releases from various services like Spotify, and in the end I disappeared as well. The album I was supposed to release in 2012 were never released and the videoes were never finished.

Much the footage is becoming quite outdated in 2020. It was mostly filmed in 2010. I simply do not think the majority of this footage represents who I am today or where I want to go from here. I will however still use much of the amazing footage I received from friends far away. Most of that is still relevant, even timeless. So I do plan to put together a couple of really cool music videos with material from “TABOO” eventually.

The “TABOO” album may or may not be released, have not made up my mind about that. The material is actually good. I am extremely happy with it. Can definitely still stand for the music a decade later. But! Here and now I would rather focus on writing new material together with my new crew of arsonist. That album has been on ice for 10 years and can be on ice for a while more.

I have recruited a very interesting team for this comeback. They are also an important part in the future of this project. We are VRANGSINN & THE ARSONISTS and we are on a mission to set this world on fire! Burn baby burn! The latter consists of members from KIRKEBRANN, a band I have the deepest respect for. Truly skilled at their craft. They have so much brilliant material coming out. Some of the best black metal I have heard in years!

I will try to keep this post as short as I can, so without further delay:

We will headline this festival on Friday 3 april 2020. The concerts this evening will be @ MEGAFON, Skien, Norway. Tickets will be sold at the door.

Last but not least! I finally got my webshop up and running. It was a nightmare, but I figured it out in the end. In the shop you are now able to buy my former release “PHOBIA” I also have added affordable prints of some paintings I have done. Eventually I may also sell originals, but those will not be in the affordable category. I love art, and if I am going to let anyone out there have any of my originals, they better love art as much as I do. And show it with their wallet.

I will also add the propaganda poster this post started with. That piece is limited to 100 copies. They are all handnumbered and signed by yours truly. I will ship them to you personally in a protective document tube.


Vrangsinn's demons - Print
Quality print on paper

The past decade has been rather hard for me. But I have no intention of wasting either your time or my time with complaints over things that can not be undone. Let’s just accept I lost a decade and fucking deal with it. I am back now! And you better be terrified!

Daniel Vrangsinn